Brief History of the eu.bac System Audit

  • Spring 2013 roll out in Germany (supported by VDMA) and Switzerland

  • Autumn 2013 First Auditor trainings in AT and FR with roll out (supported in Fr by ACR)

  • Spring 2014 First Auditor training in UK with roll out (supported by BCIA)

  • November 2014 First Auditor Training in Spain (supported by ENACE)

  • May 2015 First Auditor Training in Italy

164 person trained in Europe (November 2016)

eubac System Partner in Europe

114 Audits are available in Europe

Spread of eu.bac Syststem

More than 360.000 Squaremeters audited

Squaremeter of eubac System

Result shows high Energy Efficiency Potential

eu.bac System Audit was introduced in Germany as a pilot. At the same time the first audits were done in Switzerland.

After the first announcement during the ISH fair 2013, the first Auditor Trainings were done in France (supported by ACR) and Austria.

In spring 2014 the first training was offered in United Kingdom. End of 2014 the first training happend in Spain and 2015 Italy follows