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eu.bac- The European Product Certification for Energy Efficiency in the range of Home Controls and Building Automation

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Various EU-Directives and National Regulations regarding energy saving and energy performance of buildings require proof of energy efficiency.

These requirements and rising energy costs are encouraging owners and occupiers of buildings to reduce their energy consumption. The cost for energy will be a critical factor in property rental in the future.

In response to these requirements, eu.bac – the European Building Automation and Controls Association - set up the European Certification Scheme for Building Automation.

Home Controls and Building Automation products and systems have a significant influence on the overall energy efficiency of buildings and therefore the energy efficiency labelling scheme has been devised to help consumer regarding information and guidance in making an informed purchasing decision for selection of energy efficient products and systems based on a strong accredited third party Certification System.

The eu.bac Certification Mark assures users the conformity of products and systems defined in European Directives and European Standards. The registered eu.bac Cert Mark is a symbol that expresses Energy Efficiency and Quality. eu.bac Cert Mark is the European Quality Label for products and systems in the area Building Automation and Controls.

At the moment eu.bac offers test Certification and Labelling for Electronic Individual Zone Controller regarding EN 15500 in the area Building Automation - BA (with Communication) and Home Controls – HC (Stand-alone) for the following applications:

The Certification Mark requires periodic tests and factory inspection by third parties and an accredited Certification Body.

To achieve this, eu.bac cooperates with the leading European Certification Bodies Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment - CSTB (F) and WSPCert (D).

eu.bac empowered Certification Bodies operates in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17065 and they are accredited by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

eu.bac authorised Test Laboratories are BSRIA (UK), CSTB Lab (F) and WSPLab (D).