eu.bac is the European Building Automation and Controls Association and represents the European manufacturers for Home and Building Automation and Energy Service Companies.  

eu.bac Vision statement

"A world where energy-efficiency  and sustainability in every building is achieved through the optimal application of home and building controls, automation systems and services." 

eu.bac Mission statement

  • Influence the development and effective implementation of EU directives and regulation, in order to achieve the optimal balance of controls and automation systems & services in new and existing homes and buildings
  • Advocate the benefits of balancing controls and automation systems & services; validate outstanding technology; and establish best practices
  • Establish eu.bac as the ‘go to’ organisation for insightful information on building automation, and as the high-profile and credible voice on energy savings in residential and commercial buildings that result in healthy and supportive indoor environments
  • Provide information and guidance to eu.bac members to ensure that they are able to meet the challenges of current and future developments in policy and technology
  • Maintain effective working relationships with other bodies who support us in fulfilling our mission
  • Drive European and worldwide industrial standards for the benefit of the industry
  • Initiate quality standards through audits, certificates or labels to endorse quality and energy efficiency products and systems & services
  • Promote financing models for investments in energy efficiency

eu.bac is structured in three sectors:

  • Homes
    "A world where every home has appropriately controlled and balanced heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water systems."
  • Building Automation
    "A world where energy-efficiency  and sustainability in every building is achieved through the optimal application of building controls, automation systems and services."
  • eu.ESCO
    "A world  where Energy Performance Contracting is recognised by public authorities as one of the key tools for energy efficiency in buildings."

Industrial Profile – 85% of a 4,4 billion Euros market

Our industry association represents 85 percent of the European manufacturers of products for home and building automation. This represents an annual market of approximately 4,4 billion Euros. With this economic potential, we are Europe‘s largest platform dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings.