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March 10th, 2014
8th International Conference Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings (IEECB’14)


February 21st, 2014
eu.bac Press-Release: When is a product more than a product, when it is part of a system! A systematic approach to Ecodesign


January 23rd, 2014
eu.bac System Auditor Training Course in UK


Upcoming Meetings

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April 17 - April 17

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Advocacy Panel
April 24 09:00 am - 10:00 am

BA Sector Group
April 24 10:00 am - 01:00 pm

Homes Sector Group
April 24 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Upcoming Events

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April 17 - April 17

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Board & General Assembly
May 25 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

Interview with new eu.bac Chairman of Advocacy - Matthew Gordon 

Matthew Gordon

“2014 is due to be a busy year in the build up to the European Elections. Energy Efficiency is high on the agenda – and rightly so. Energy used inefficiently is energy wasted. Energy wasted means more money spent at home, less competitive businesses and a weaker economy as we import more fuel. Everywhere you look, energy is being squandered.” said Matthew Gordon of Honeywell, the new Chairman of the eu.bac Advocacy Panel.

His appointment was confirmed at the recent eu.bac Board meeting, held last November at InterClima in Paris.

“Buildings don’t use energy, people do. They don’t really want energy; they want heat, light and movement. eu.bac members’ products and services can make sure that these needs are satisfied using the least energy. Yet it is a real paradox, the controls and services that actually reduce energy demand are given so little credit in legislation in Europe or its Member States.”
“As the new DG Energy, Dominique Ristori, stated at a recent Joint Research Council meeting in Brussels, Europe’s existing stock of buildings represents 40% of the EU final energy consumption, so it is clear that the upgrading of the energy efficiency of existing buildings should be of high priority. It presents a cost effective solution for achieving more than 50% reduction of energy consumption and tackles environmental challenges. Passive and active measures will contribute to this additionally and they must go hand in hand.”

eu.bac represents the European Building Automation and Control Industry, which offers products and services for homes, buildings and industry to help them reduce their energy consumption.  There are three sectors, for Homes, Buildings and ESCOs (energy Service Companies, who, through Energy Performance Contracts, offer the service of guaranteed reduced demand by an amount agreed between the parties).

 “With the advent of weather based energy and distributed generation, it is important that we have distributed intelligence to manage its integration effectively, so that low carbon energy displaces fossil fuel use. It is also important that energy is used at times when it is available. eu.bac members make controls and offer services for homes and buildings, so that they can be run efficiently, effectively and economically. Controls make any other building fabric improvement more effective, any other piece of plant more efficient and give the occupant the very means to make the all important changes to the way we use interact with energy to reduce cost, consumption and carbon emissions.”

“Without control, energy is wasted without our knowledge, without our consent, but at our personal cost.”

“All this can be done BEFORE Smart Meters are rolled out. When they have, the data they provide will open up a plethora of other techniques that we can offer to make our energy use smaller and better matched to its availability – all without reducing the standard of living. Active energy efficiency is so effective.”

Matthew trained initially as a Civil Engineer and has spent over 20 years in demand energy efficiency and demand reduction. He welcomes comments on his views on matthew.gordon@honeywell.com .